Heavens Basement//Interview

This month, Heavens Basement will be touring the UK. They will do 15 shows in 18 days, kicking off in Norwich on March 13th and finishing in Brighton on March 30th. With Glamour of the Kill and The Dirty Youth supporting on all dates, this is set to be an unmissable tour and I caught up with drummer Chris Rivers to have a quick chat!
Heavens Basement
Describe Heavens Basement in three words?
In your face
If you could choose only one song as a favourite, what would it be?
Welcome Home, it kicks of our set and makes me wanna go ape shit on the drums.
Tell me about the most interesting gig experience you’ve had so far?
When we played a pizza shop in Northern Finland a few years ago, its one of the only times all our professionalism went out the window and each of us had too much to drink..I ended the set with a bass solo (I can’t play bass by the way) and our singer didn’t manage half the set.
If you could tour with any band in the world, past or present, who would it be?
ACDC or the Stones or Aerosmith
What have you struggled with most as a band?
Honestly, I can’t think of much struggle, in the past it was a struggle to find the right people to be in the band but I’ve always got a sick kick out of knock backs, it’s like poking a wild animal, we’ll always come back and attack.
Which do you prefer- touring or recording?
Touring for me personally, playing our music around the world is an amazing feeling but obviously its the album that allows us to do that 🙂
Who are your favourite bands at the moment?
Biffy Clyro are one of my faves at the moment, we’ve got a lot of respect for that band, great songs and they’ve really worked hard to get where they are. Also, the new Pretty Reckless songs are very cool.
What are your plans for 2014?
More touring for the album around the world!
Talk me through your song-writing process?
There’s no set formula, ideas come from anywhere and from anyone in the band. Put us in a room to jam and ideas will be flowing within a minute, Sometimes someone will bring a full song idea to the table too, it’s just a relaxed thing.
What can fans expect from upcoming shows?
Our best headline set ever.
March 2014 Welcome Home Tour:
13 – NORWICH Waterfront
14 – NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms
15 – SOUTHAMPTON Takedown Festival
16 – LEEDS Cockpit
18 – NEWCASTLE University
19 – GLASGOW Cathouse
20 – BELFAST Voodoo
21 – DUBLIN Voodoo Lounge
22 – MANCHESTER Academy II
24 – CHESTER Forum
25 – BRISTOL Fleece
27 – LONDON Electric Ballroom
28 – PLYMOUTH White Rabbit
29 – BIRMINGHAM Academy II
30 – BRIGHTON Haunt

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