Quick Catch Up With A Pinch of Graphic Novel

I am trying to get out of the habit of apologising for looking after myself and putting my own interests first. I’m not actually sorry or even ashamed, I just feel that it excuses me but I never was the kind of person to ask to be excused for being myself and I won’t fall into that endless trap. I’ve not blogged in over a month and I have missed it so much but I’ve been busy. I’ve been so busy that by the time I’m not busy, I’m too tired, to desperate to spend time with my boyfriend or my friends, too busy being relaxed to sit down and write. I’m here now, though and that’s at least a start.

I got a job! I got a job in a digital marketing agency I have wanted to work in since forever and I still have to pinch myself every day, almost a month in because I just cannot believe I landed it based on my passion and writing. I GOT A JOB BECAUSE OF MY WRITING! I never thought I’d say that. I leave the house at 8am Monday-Friday and I get home anywhere between 6 and half 6. I’m a tired girl and I’m working hard so everything, even this blog, has had to take a back seat. I am ridiculously happy, I am being creative for a living and I have a lot of hope which was missing from my life at the beginning of the year. If you remember this post, I was so very sad then and had really lost all hope of ever getting where I wanted to be. 2 months later, I got a job in my dream place. Life is a bloody tricky one. If everything I went through at the start of the year was leading me here then that’s fine by me. It was worth it.

I’m definitely going to get back into the swing of blogging, though. I’ve missed it and I am settled into my routine eventually, after a month of it so now is the perfect time to pick it back up. Plus I have so many artists to talk to you about and so many emotions I want to word-vomit all over you that you’ll pretty soon get tired of how enthusiastic I am and how much I have to say about so many things.

Until we next speak, check out this Kickstarter by one of my favourite comic book artists, Rachael Smith. I’ve written about her twice before now and I am a genuine fan of her and all her work and would be delighted if any of you took a like to her too and donated!


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