Serene Sundays//Music

In Glasgow today, the sky is grey and the rain is heavy. Just how I like it. Perfect day really to start my new theme that I promised over a month ago! I do have some bloody good music to share with you this afternoon that I hope will more than make up for the, I’m sure, agonising wait.





Augustines, formerly known as We Are Augustines are my first pick for this week. After seeing a blinding set on Friday night, I feel like it’s mandatory that I tell you to check them out. The Brooklyn based indie act have taken everything I knew about them and turned it on it’s head. They are loud, they are unique, they are poetic and they are set, if there’s any justice in the world, to be huge.

Their show on Friday was an unforgettable one that I was delighted to be a part of. Their music is the kind that can be partied to or accompanied by a glass of wine and a book. They’re the best kind of indie band and I’ll be keeping a close eye on them. To check them out for yourself, click here.



Courtesy of Robert Blackham

Courtesy of Robert Blackham

With his song Budapest being on repeat in my house, my head, my Spotify, I was so excited to see George Ezra live two months ago to see if his live performance was as energetic, fresh and exciting as his single was and I was not disappointed. He’s been compared to Paolo Nutini and I can totally see why but I’d say that he definitely stands in a league of his own. For such a young, new performer he has so much confidence and is great with the crowd. He involved us in every song and created an incredible atmosphere.

He’s the perfect easy-listening music and his EP Cassy O’ is an incredible journey that perfectly exemplifies how fantastic his range is, how much promise he has and is highly recommended by me to basically everybody. He’s a breath of fresh air from a lot of the popular singer-songwriter acts that we’re facing at the moment. His voice and his lyrics are way beyond his years and come from that of a well-travelled, blues loving soul.

To check him out, click here.

Finally, there’s a girl I have been meaning to talk about for around a year. I’m nothing if not unreliable. Laura Hely Hutchinson is one of the most sorely under-appreciated artists that I have the pleasure of knowing personally.  Much like George Ezra, she has a voice and writes words that are way beyond her 18 years but her voice is incredible, her songs are incredibly touching and it’s really just about time people heard her. She has been compared, unsurprisingly to Laura Marling and on the back of that, I’d say she’s for fans of Laura Marling but should be tried by anybody who appreciates beautiful, understated music.

To find more of her music, click here


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