Serene Sundays #2

This has been one of those weeks where I can’t believe how much has happened and how up and down my emotions have been. Less of this, please. I did see three EXCELLENT bands that I will speak to you about tomorrow as well as some other artists. Life is absolutely on the up, though and today I’m interviewing Beartooth then reviewing that and in-between… cocktails!

I hope the weather is as you like it wherever you are and that your week hasn’t been as dramatic as mine! I also hope that you enjoy this week’s pick of artists.




This is all a coincidence, I don’t mean to keep falling in love with Brooklyn bands but THEY’RE SO GOOD OKAY. This week’s is self-proclaimed ‘indie pop’ act Canon Logic who are the perfect Spring-Going-Into-Summer band, so perfect to showcase to you today! (In Scotland anyway). They independently released their album WYLD 2 months ago and it is fantastic. It’s energetic, addictive and incredibly promising. I mean, if they’re starting with WYLD I’m pretty excited for any future releases. Much like most albums I fall in love with, WYLD is an adventure. As soon as I finished listening, I started again. And again. Then told friends to listen to them. Are you getting the idea?!


The other listen that I recommend for today is this video. I’ve been talking about McFly/Tom Fletcher all week and remembered this adorable video.

Enjoy your Sunday and enjoy this week’s music!


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