I’m Back, Again.

Hello I’m back!

I have been TERRIBLE with this website all year and here’s why:

  • I kept trying to do, and keep up, themes. They don’t work for me. I don’t like sticking to a schedule and I don’t like feeling obliged to write. Sometimes I have nothing to say and that’s fine! I just need to not make empty promises to myself or readers
  • On February 17th, I went for an interview with my dream company and if you know anything about me, you’ll know I was an anxious mess for a while. I then got invited back for a second interview (!) which was 8 days later. Still a nervous mess. I waited another 8 days and found out I GOT THE JOB! WOOOO it’s amazing. So, I was pretty happy. I was also so scared that I’d lose it somehow or they’d accidentally given me it (wat?) so that left me quite anxious and now that I’m in the job and settled.. I’m so tired.
  • It got a little stale. I feel bad saying this because I love writing and I love this website but it totally did. I was getting tired of looking at it and even came close to deleting it entirely. Thankfully, I was talked out of that one by Gavin.

So, from now on, no more themes. No more schedules. I’m going to write about music, myself and sometimes politics but I’m not making a schedule for this. If I go a month without posting then that’s fine. I’d rather I was always inspired and always putting out work that I love than posting things and thinking ‘that’ll do’. It’s offensive to my own standards and to anybody that takes the time to follow what I write.

I won’t be consistent, I won’t always be around and sometimes I’ll post a lot in a short space of time which is a far better representation of who I am than schedules and pre-prepared pieces. If I enjoy an artist or a show, I’ll write about it. If I don’t, I won’t. I never started this blog so it could be a business and I’m going to stick to the same standards I’ve had for the past year or so where I choose positivity over negative reviews.

I really hope I can work this out this time because this is the first time I’ve done it 100% my way.

Also, I’m addicted to this:


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