I’m Back, Again.

Hello I’m back!

I have been TERRIBLE with this website all year and here’s why:

  • I kept trying to do, and keep up, themes. They don’t work for me. I don’t like sticking to a schedule and I don’t like feeling obliged to write. Sometimes I have nothing to say and that’s fine! I just need to not make empty promises to myself or readers
  • On February 17th, I went for an interview with my dream company and if you know anything about me, you’ll know I was an anxious mess for a while. I then got invited back for a second interview (!) which was 8 days later. Still a nervous mess. I waited another 8 days and found out I GOT THE JOB! WOOOO it’s amazing. So, I was pretty happy. I was also so scared that I’d lose it somehow or they’d accidentally given me it (wat?) so that left me quite anxious and now that I’m in the job and settled.. I’m so tired.
  • It got a little stale. I feel bad saying this because I love writing and I love this website but it totally did. I was getting tired of looking at it and even came close to deleting it entirely. Thankfully, I was talked out of that one by Gavin.

So, from now on, no more themes. No more schedules. I’m going to write about music, myself and sometimes politics but I’m not making a schedule for this. If I go a month without posting then that’s fine. I’d rather I was always inspired and always putting out work that I love than posting things and thinking ‘that’ll do’. It’s offensive to my own standards and to anybody that takes the time to follow what I write.

I won’t be consistent, I won’t always be around and sometimes I’ll post a lot in a short space of time which is a far better representation of who I am than schedules and pre-prepared pieces. If I enjoy an artist or a show, I’ll write about it. If I don’t, I won’t. I never started this blog so it could be a business and I’m going to stick to the same standards I’ve had for the past year or so where I choose positivity over negative reviews.

I really hope I can work this out this time because this is the first time I’ve done it 100% my way.

Also, I’m addicted to this:



I’m under maintenance for a short while. I haven’t liked a lot about my website for a few months now so time for a revamp and I’ll be returning with some much better posts and hopefully a prettier website to boot!

Until then… x

Serene Sundays//Music

Okay, I know, I say I’m going to do something and then I don’t do much at-all. I have been so incredibly nervous for the past month, but especially today, because I got a job in a place I have fantasised about working in for years! WOO! I had 2 interviews then had a bit of waiting. I’m an anxious soul so despite knowing deep down that both interviews went very well, I still worried they wouldn’t take me on and felt that discussing the interviews, even just briefly, would jinx them. Look, if you’re a long term reader you know I’m weird. ANYWAY I really need today’s Serene Sunday because getting through today and even tonight seems impossible. I am so excited and nervous that I’m pretty insufferable, even to myself.

courtesy of planetary group

courtesy of planetary group

My first installment

Kick Start Your Week #2

Happy bank holiday to you! I’m going to spend mine freshening up my flat, reading High Fidelity and listening to the War of the Worlds on vinyl (which I got for £3 from Missing on Argyle Street…!!). I’m really excited to go back to work, though. Loser. How was your weekend? Have you seen any great bands lately? Any music you’d like to share with me?

Little Matador


First off is Little Matador. I have already spoken about and interviewed Little Matador here but today I’m going to speak about their album which was released on Friday. I LOVE Little Matador to the extent that I’d say they’re one of the best bands I’ve seen in a very long time and I’m going to be purchasing their album on vinyl. It is definitely love.

Serene Sundays #2

This has been one of those weeks where I can’t believe how much has happened and how up and down my emotions have been. Less of this, please. I did see three EXCELLENT bands that I will speak to you about tomorrow as well as some other artists. Life is absolutely on the up, though and today I’m interviewing Beartooth then reviewing that and in-between… cocktails!

I hope the weather is as you like it wherever you are and that your week hasn’t been as dramatic as mine! I also hope that you enjoy this week’s pick of artists.




This is all a coincidence, I don’t mean to keep falling in love with Brooklyn bands but THEY’RE SO GOOD OKAY. This week’s is self-proclaimed ‘indie pop’ act Canon Logic who are the perfect Spring-Going-Into-Summer band, so perfect to showcase to you today! (In Scotland anyway). They independently released their album WYLD 2 months ago and it is fantastic. It’s energetic, addictive and incredibly promising. I mean, if they’re starting with WYLD I’m pretty excited for any future releases. Much like most albums I fall in love with, WYLD is an adventure. As soon as I finished listening, I started again. And again. Then told friends to listen to them. Are you getting the idea?!


The other listen that I recommend for today is this video. I’ve been talking about McFly/Tom Fletcher all week and remembered this adorable video.

Enjoy your Sunday and enjoy this week’s music!